Myles Traveled is a great story. It’s an inspirational story. It’s the American Dream.”

— JIM LACHEY OSU All-American

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American Dream Real says Buckeye Sports Bulletin

American Dream Real for Former Coach, Administrator is the title of the full page book review of Myles Traveled that appeared on page 21 in the November 15 issue of Buckeye Sports Bulletin.

“Bill Myles has packed a lot of living into nearly eight decades, and that life lived in full is chronicled by the former football coach and administrator in his new autobiography Myles Traveled: Stories of My American Journey,” begins Buckeye Sports Bulletin editor Mark Rea.  Rea goes on and devotes a full page to tell of Coach Myles and the book.

Rea closes his article with the following assessment of the book:

“The 449-page book is an easy read, filled with sayings, witticiisms, and interesting anecdotes from Myles’ life, including how he forged relationships with sports celebrities such as Bob Gibson, Hank Aaron, Jim Brown, and Bill Willis, to chance meetings with others such as the time he and Archie Griffin found themselves sitting on either side of Joe DiMaggio in George Steinbrenner’s private box at Yankee Stadium.

Tough times are chronicled too, from growing up in segregated America to his near-death experience with meningitis in 1998.

“Myles Traveled” chronicles a remarkable life’s journey and provides an enjoyable read, particularly for Ohio State football fans, but also for any American sports fan in general.

Yes the American Dream is Real.  So too, is Mark Rea’s praise for Myles Traveled.

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