Myles Traveled is a great story. It’s an inspirational story. It’s the American Dream.”

— JIM LACHEY OSU All-American

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Thank You Annie- Marie! A Review

I have never met Annie-Marie Garraway, but a quick Google search turned up she is a renowned mathematician.  Apparently numbers aren’t the only thing she knows, as she left a very nice review of the book on the publisher’s website.  Thank You Annie!


Whether or not you are an avid sports fan, whether or not you are an avid Ohio State University Buckeye fan, you will be drawn into this well-told, inspirational story about pursuing – and achieving – the American dream on your own terms. Bill Myles, who became a renowned football player, coach, and athletic administrator, tells a story of commitment – to faith, family, community, and to the those he coached and/or with whom he coached. Included are tales of the heroes he met along the way (e.g. Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige, and other greats). Bill is also an historian, and he frames and fleshes out his stories in a way that is illuminating. I encourage anyone who loves a good story to read this book. 

Annie Marie Garraway, Ph.D.

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