Myles Traveled is a great story. It’s an inspirational story. It’s the American Dream.”

— JIM LACHEY OSU All-American

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Game Time With Urban Meyer

Interest in the book continues to grow! Tuesday Afternoon, September 23rd, found Bill and me in the WBNS TV Channel 10 studios in Columbus, with WBNS sportscaster Dom Tiberi. Dom taped a long interview with Bill about his life story and about the book. As we understand it right now, the interview will air as part of the Saturday morning “Game Time With Urban Meyer Show”! (That’s quite appropriate given that Urban has bought two books!) Originally the OSU folks told me it would air the Saturday of the Cincinnati Game, which would be this coming Saturday, September 27. However, at the taping one of the producers said it could be the following week. So to be safe, if you are in viewing range of WBNS TV, or have it on your cable, set your DVR for Channel 10, 9-10 AM, on both days. And if you can’t get it, check back here. Hopefully I can post a link to it after it runs. Go Bucks!

Dom and Bill on the WBNS Set
Dom and Bill on the WBNS Set
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