Myles Traveled is a great story. It’s an inspirational story. It’s the American Dream.”

— JIM LACHEY OSU All-American

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Another Season

Though fall is not yet in the air (thank goodness!), Buckeye football is here, as is another “season” for Myles Traveled. 

Like the Buckeyes, Bill and I are looking for another Championship Year.  We sold the first printing of the book out (wahoo!) and there has been a second press run.  There are stacks of cases of new books in my den and at the Myles house.  I have at least 6 group events/book signings on the schedule this fall and am looking for more.  So if you have a group that you would like me to talk to, please contact me.  You can use the contact the authors link.  If you are in the Pandora or Columbus area, you can always contact us for a signed book.  Or you can order them from the link on the home page.  It is a great way to get an early start on your Christmas shopping.  Go Bucks!

Myles Traveled Book Cover

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