Myles Traveled is a great story. It’s an inspirational story. It’s the American Dream.”

— JIM LACHEY OSU All-American

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Show Me State Reaction

Bob Ball is a transplanted Buckeye graduate, from Caldwell  Ohio to Columbia, Missouri.  A die hard Buckeye Fan, he is known as “Buckeye Bob” by those in our agency in the Show Me State.  Having  lived in Missouri for about 20 years however, and with a wife that works at U of Missouri, Bob is now a Missouri fan as well.   I knew Bob would enjoy the Buckeye stories, but I didn’t know if the larger message of history and character would resonate.  It did.

Bob’s first email simply said, “Excellent book Steve. I enjoyed every page! Well done. You can be proud of this!”

That  was soon followed by a second email – “

“I’ve just finished looking at the Kansas City addresses Bill provides in the book…using Google Earth. Wanted to acquaint myself with where he started. I’ve traveled some in K.C. for meetings, so I know the area reasonably well….but not his neighborhoods! Some of the locations are long gone, covered up with new buildings, etc. He has seen a lot in his nearly 78 years.

I have recommended to many they read the book. This is true especially for those of us who identify with so many of the names in his stories. There weren’t many I didn’t know about. Like you, I have fond memories of so many of the OSU coaches and players. I enjoyed reading about Woody of course. Bill provided some insight I had not heard before and it was refreshing to see Bill’s perspective on the coaches…at NE and OSU.

I could go on….really liked the book….and feel some of this material should be required reading for some families trying to raise children in tough neighborhoods today. He offers good advice. He was instilled with a very strong belief system and those principles served him very well. I’m concerned we are rapidly losing that family leadership today and we’re beginning to pay for it.”

The third and best email was when Bob sent me the review (and 5 star rating) he had posted on the publishers website:

“If our society could grab only a portion of the wisdom Bill shares in Myles Traveled and put those lessons learned to good use educating, training, and developing our youth, I’m certain we could become a stronger nation. This book is about much more than sports and athletes. You gain an appreciation for the civil rights issues Bill’s generation experienced, but even more importantly, his life’s story is about treating people with respect and helping them along when they need guidance the most. Our country needs leadership in our communities following the principals Bill Myles has followed all of his life, if we are going to be successful in leading and working with our young families.”

Of all that has been written to me, I think in just five sentences, Bob’s paragraph above best captures the message of Myles Traveled.  Of course Coach wouldn’t expect anything less from a fellow Missourian and Buckeye.  It’s a winning combination.

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