Myles Traveled is a great story. It’s an inspirational story. It’s the American Dream.”

— JIM LACHEY OSU All-American

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Lucky Seven!

Last Saturday was a good day! After watching the Buckeye’s handily dispatch Maryland (Am I the only one that thinks their helmets were even uglier than the ones with the yellow wings on the front?), Jenny and I were off to a party. Actually it was a wedding reception given by some friends for their son, who was married far away earlier this summer.

Now I always have books in the car. But even yours truly would not be so crass to hawk Myles Traveled in the middle of someone else’s Wedding Reception. So when a guy I probably wasn’t going to see again, came up to me and said he wanted to buy one of the books, I suggested we slip out to the car. Out to the parking lot we went and I signed a book for him. When he put it in his trunk, I was relieved and quietly slipped back in, happy I hadn’t rained on their parade.

It wasn’t 10 minutes when the father of the groom walked up and told me he wanted one for his son, who is a huge Buckeye fan and lives in South Florida. Out to the car I went again. This time I brought it in and signed it at the table. (Well, he was the one throwing the party!) Wouldn’t you know, about 15 minutes after that, a lady sitting by the guy who bought the first one came over and said, “I just saw your book and I want one.” Out to the car I went again and brought in another.

While I was signing her copy, the people sitting across from us at our table looked at it. “We’ll take two,” the lady said, “One for us, and one for a Christmas gift.” Wish it hadn’t been so cold and windy, because you guessed it, out to the car I went once more.

So I am signing theirs, and our retired high school history teacher walks by. By now it’s no holds barred. “A history teacher has just got to have one of these,” I kidded him.

He sat down, picked it up and looked at it a bit, and then dang, if he didn’t turn to me and say, “I’ll take two!”

Seven books sold and a Buckeye Football victory. Was a pretty good day…

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