Myles Traveled is a great story. It’s an inspirational story. It’s the American Dream.”

— JIM LACHEY OSU All-American

Myles Traveled: Stories of My American Journey, recounts Bill Myles’ 77-year journey in the United States, and it illuminates the role of athletes in the country’s transition from slavery and segregation to equality and integration. Set in Kansas City, Missouri; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Columbus, Ohio, this absorbing personal narrative of sports history is rich with Bill’s humor, wisdom, and life lessons acquired from 45 years of coaching.

As Bill pulls back the curtain on his life experiences as a child from a loving family, an athlete, a history teacher, and an outstanding coach, an amazing story of how sports have helped America to realize its objectives of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is told. Readers of Myles Traveled are also introduced to other athletic figures who helped to shape America, such as Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis, and Woody Hayes.

While Myles Traveled is a sports story, it is also a message of faith, family, love, and hope.

Praise for Myles Traveled:

“Read Bill’s story; and as you do, you’ll understand why, for me, Bill Myles has always been ‘The Man’.”

–Archie Griffin

Two-time Heisman Trophy winner

Bill came in at a time when Nebraska was going strong. There was a lot of interest and excitement in Nebraska football because we had won the National Championship in ’70 and ’71, and then Bill came here in ’72. I just looked at Bill as a coach and thought that he would be excellent.”

–Tom Osborne

University of Nebraska

“Bill Myles has a very solid foundation of what he believes in, a very solid faith, a very solid confidence in what’s right. If you think about a young person getting ready to tackle whatever they are going to tackle, I’m a believer—and Bill is, too—that you can’t do that alone.”

–Jim Tressel

Former Ohio State University Football coach

“In 2006, the Kansas City Royals erected a statue of me at Royals Stadium. I asked Bill to speak. Bill could give a hallelujah pep talk. When he spoke at my statue unveiling, he was so impressive.

–Frank White

Former Kansas City Royals second baseman

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About the Authors

Bill Myles has lived a fascinating life in athletics, from segregated Kansas City and Negro Leagues Baseball, to an up and coming high school coach, and then an insider in the country’s most powerful College Football programs. Bill coached under the giants at Nebraska and Ohio State—Bob Devaney, Tom Osborne, Woody Hayes, and Earle Bruce. With a career record of 170 wins, 67 losses, 7 ties, and 8 Big Eight/Big Ten Championships, Bill coached in 14 college bowl games including the Rose, Sugar, Cotton, Orange, Fiesta and Gator Bowls. Bill then served 22 years as Associate AD at Ohio State, in the biggest college athletic department in the country.

Steve Davis is a lifelong Buckeye Fan and a 1973 graduate of The Ohio State University. His first Ohio Stadium experience was the 1969 OSU win over Purdue, which propelled the Buckeyes to a National Championship. Davis was too small (and too slow!) to play for the Buckeyes, instead graduating from the OSU College of Agriculture Honors Program.